About Us


YANVAN jewellery was created by Jan Van Schaik in 1970.  Whilst on holiday in Bali, Indonesia in 1995, Jan further discovered the exquisite beauty of combining genuine black rubber with silver.

Working with a team of skilled silversmiths in Bali, YANVAN jewellery is 100% hand made with the finest 925 silver and genuine black rubber.  Jan further added ingenious clasps to his unique designs of silver & genuine black rubber jewellery.

Silver & black rubber jewellery will always be the classic YANVAN jewellery collection.

Moving into the millennium, YANVAN has created exciting new jewellery collection which combine silver with copper, brass, semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls and genuine leather.  It is extremely challenging to produce such stunning YANVAN jewellery with the combination of  these different materials, which require the most experienced craftsmen & silversmiths.

YANVAN prides itself in quality control and perfection for its customers.

The traditions and standards of Jan Van Schaik will always live on, in all YANVAN jewellery collection.

YANVAN is truly original and unique work of jewellery and art.

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